People get arrested when they are either noticed engaging in suspicious behavior or criminal activity. After an arrest, the suspect goes to the county jail or police station. Your instinct when a friend gets arrested is to help them because you are concerned for their well-being. You may be there at the point of arrest, or they may have contacted you after the fact. When you need to help your friend, you can call a bail bondsman immediately. Check out these tips by Kocian Bail Bonds to determine what you should do to help when your friend gets arrested.

Remain Calm and Polite

If you were with the friend at the point of arrest, you are probably nervous or worried. But do not let your emotions, words, or body language take over your actions, or you might get arrested as well. You can, however, ask the officer for their warrant, and you can create a record of what happened by filming the events on your phone. Also, ask where your friend will be taken so you can offer to arrange their bail through a bail bondsman.

Prepare to Bail the Friend

Depending on your relationship with the friend, they may call you to come and bail them out. Find out from your friend what charges they are facing and if they have a lawyer. If you or your friend do not have the total bail money, you need the services of a bail bond companyBail bonds services like Kocian Bail Bonds will only request about 10% of the full bail money, and you may even ask for a loan in some cases.



Contact an Experienced Lawyer

After bailing out your friend, you can go with them to meet a lawyer. If there is no bail, assure them that you are doing all that you can to find them a criminal defense lawyer. Your friend may or may not have a lawyer on retainer. Ask others for suggestions to find a good lawyer that is knowledgeable in the area of your friend’s arrest. Explain your friend’s case to the lawyer and give them your friend’s arrest number in order to start receiving the best results.

Attend the Arraignment

If your friend was arrested for a felony or by federal law enforcement, they will have to appear before a judge within 24-48 hours for arraignment purposes before release. Your friend will hear the charges against them at the arraignment and will plead either guilty, not guilty, or no consent. If released, the attorney and judges will discuss bail. The bail set depends on the severity of the offense and the risk of flight. You may need to contact a bail bondsman to help post the bail if neither you nor your friend can afford it.

Get Help From Kocian Bail Bonds

When a friend has been arrested, you will only worsen everything for them if you make a scene. Apart from hiring a criminal defense lawyer, the best way to help them is to stay calm, find out where the officer will take them, and call for a bail bond service.

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