Welcome back to our blog page at Kocian! In our previous blog, we discussed what bail bonds are and we started discussing the different types of bail bonds. In today’s blog, we’re going to jump right back in. Continue reading below to learn more!

Kinds of Bonds

Surety Bond – When you simply don’t have thousands of dollars to pay for your bail bond, you might need to reach out to your bail bondsman for a surety bond. This kind of bond is secured when you pay a percentage of your bail amount to your bondsman and he fronts the bail to the court with your promise and assurity that you’ll appear at all of your scheduled court dates. Since missing those dates can mean the loss of your money, you definitely want to make sure that those are a priority. Think a surety bond is right for you? Make sure that you contact Kocian today!

Property Bond – This kind of bond is seldom used in any states other than California, but as its name implies, it’s simply the use of property or real estate to take the place of your cash bond. Because this bond requires an assessment of your property, it can often take weeks for it to get processed.

Immigration Bond – This type of bond is for immigrants who are not yet U.S. citizens and can often be quite difficult to secure. Because undocumented immigrants have a different set of rules, this bond can be especially tricky. Many people seeking an immigration bond do well to also secure a lawyer.

Federal Bond – Those individuals who have been accused of committing federal crimes, such as mail fraud, band robbery, and identity theft, will be needing a federal bond. For this bond, both cash and property are needed to secure it and the use of a bail bondsman isn’t necessary because the bond is taken care of directly by the court.

Citation Release – For any arrested individual, the best outcome they can hope for is a citation release. This type of bail bond requires no money or real estate to be given to the court and it occurs when the arresting police officer decides not to take the individual to the police station. Instead, the accused is given a citation that requires them to appear in court on a decided date.

Personal Recognizance Release – This is quite similar to the citation release and is another ideal outcome for any defendant. When you’re granted this release, you’ll sign paperwork stating that you’ll appear before a judge on your assigned court date. Recognizance releases are given based on the discretion of the arresting officer and can also be argued for during court. However, the cost of hiring a lawyer can often be more expensive than simply paying the price for your bail bondsman’s services. Additionally, failure to appear in court does come with pretty steep fines.

Contact the Experts

Being arrested is traumatic enough; you definitely want to make sure that you or your loved one can await your court dates in the comfort of your own home. If you’re needing help with a bond in Waco, let Kocian Bail Bonds help you out. We help individuals with transfer bonds, felony bonds, indictment bonds, misdemeanor bonds, and more! Contact us today to discuss your case!