Welcome back to our blog page here at Kocian Bail Bonds in Waco! We understand how devastating it can be when you or someone you love is arrested. At times, an arrest can happen when one is least expecting it; they’re going about your life, and all of a sudden, they’re handcuffed and humiliated in the back of a police car. Whether your loved one has committed a crime or they’ve been falsely accused, seeing someone that you care about being arrested can be pretty traumatic for anyone. When you are going through such a horrible event, Kocian Bail Bonds is here to help. We’ll do our best to make sure that your family can remain together for as long as possible. Helping you or yours avoid more nights behind bars is why we do what we do. Contact us to learn more or for help with an incarcerated individual.

Common Misconceptions Regarding Bail

There are many things that people don’t understand about bail bonds and we’re used to educating people on our procedures, policies, and expectations. One of these common misconceptions is that a cash bail is the only option for being allowed to go home. However, a bail bondsman can use all kinds of different assets in order to get you or your loved one out of jail.

Another common bail myth is that once you or someone else has paid an expensive bail, that money is forfeited to the court forever. We always love to reassure people that in most cases, this simply isn’t true. Your bail works as collateral to help guarantee that the incarcerated person will appear for their court and trial dates. If people didn’t have a significant reason to show up for their court dates, we can imagine that many people would avoid this necessary evil like the plague. When people know that they’ll be able to get thousands of dollars back (minus court fees) if they simply show up to their trial, they will be much more likely to show. Let’s talk about some of the ways to guarantee that you’ll get the lion’s share of your bail money back.

Now, to be completely fourth rite, it’s true that in some cases, when a defendant is found guilty, the total amount of the bail money is needed to cover the court fees. When you’re considering putting money out for an individual’s bail, make sure that if it seems that the charges will hold up, you go the bond route instead of paying the full bail amount.

Bond Over Bail

When the price for bail is way too expensive or it’s looking like bail money would all have to go to pay expensive court fees due to a guilty verdict, one may want to go with a bond instead of paying bail. With a bond, through the use of a bail bondsman, you’re responsible for paying around 10% of the bail amount and no matter the verdict, you won’t get this amount back. This is the cost of using a bail bondsman and you’ll definitely want to weight all of the facts of the case before committing to either one. Many people prefer to use a bail bondsman if they know that the bail money would probably be forfeited if they can’t afford bail, or if they feel the bond amount is small enough that it’s not of a great significance.

Keep Track of the Case

When you’ve put money up to help an individual get out of jail, it’s vital that you communicate to the individual’s attorney that you were the one who put up the money for bail. In addition, it’s important to make sure that you’re following the details of the case to make sure that you’re staying on top of any changes or significant details that may be valuable to you.

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We understand that this is a stressful time for you and your family, but the bail experts at Kocian Bail Bonds would love to help you and give you the advice that you need. We offer transfer bonds, felony bonds, indictment bonds, misdemeanor bonds, probation revocation bonds, and more! Contact us today to learn more or to get some help with an incarcerated individual in your life. Don’t let your friend or family member spend one extra day behind bars; talk to Kocian now!