If a loved one leaves home and does not return, there is a chance the case might be an accident or an arrest. Also, if someone close to you has gone to prison, sometimes you can lose track of the person because inmates can get transferred away from their original facility. Allow Kocian Bail Bonds Service to offer you information to help you overcome any obstacles involved with locating and contacting a loved one who might be in jail.

Necessary Details to Have

You will need to have the individual’s complete legal name, date of birth, and the state they are being held if possible. If you locate them, these details will allow you to find out if bail has been set and know the court dates. If your loved one cannot cover the bail money, you can contact the services of a bail bond company to assist you.

Internet Tools to Finding a Loved One in Jail

If your loved one got arrested, the first place to call is a local jail. Thanks to the internet, locating an inmate or a jailed loved one is easier than ever. There are several inmate locator guides you can use to search and find a person. These guides are constantly updated, and they include:

These sites enable you to access information about offenders. You enter in the state of arrest and the site breaks down state prisons and county jails to help you search deeper. The sites are handy for when you also want to stay in touch with the found loved one by sending letters and receiving calls.

If you think your loved one is in the Federal system, use the BOP inmate locator to search. The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) inmate locator lets you explore all the federal prisons for incarcerated inmates. By entering an inmate’s full and correct name, race, sex, and age, you can find out at which facility they are being detained. Each state also has its inmate locator that works similarly to the BOP locator.

More Help

If the internet systems and databases do not have your loved one’s information, it is time to contact a private investigator. If your loved one is jailed or under investigation, you can request a bail bondsman’s services to help you post the bail.



After Finding the Loved One

If your loved one’s information is on the database, you will want to contact them after finding them in prison. In that case, the easiest way to communicate is to mail letters with the inmate’s ID number on the outside of the envelope. You can also visit them during specified times and you can even send funds to them on some occasions.

Get Help From Kocian Bail Bonds

If your loved one is arrested and kept in a county jail pending arraignment, you may need to think about bail bonds service as a way to secure the release pending court date and arraignment. At Kocian Bail Bonds in Waco, we know how important it is to help our clients in their time of need. Because of this, we provide your loved one with 24-hour bail bonds, seven days a week. Contact our team today to get started!

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