Kocian Bail Bonds provides bonds for undocumented individuals being held in custody in the United States. Of course, when (Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the (Department of Homeland Security (DHS) become involved, things are going to be different than when a citizen commits a crime.  When an undocumented individual is arrested, they are held in a Federal custody center and it will be these two Federal Departments that get involved, not local law enforcement agencies.

If a bond is secured, it will be for generally the same purpose as a bail bond, to act as a guarantee that the person will fulfill their obligations and show up for court. Additionally, they have to follow all the other conditions made by the court, and then the government agencies must allow the individual their freedom while waiting for trial.

There are two main types of Immigration Bonds: the Delivery Bond and the Voluntary Departure Bond.

Delivery Bond

  • This bond is similar to a normal bond. It acts as a guarantee that the alien will appear for all court dates.
  • If the alien does not appear for a court appearance the bond will be lost and there will likely be a warrant for their arrest entered into the court’s record.

Voluntary Departure Bond

  • This type of bond is granted upon a promise that the alien will return to their home country by a given date.
  • This bond is paid to ICE and is returned upon proof that the person has left the country.


Who Is and Who is Not Given Bond?

It is easier to say who will likely not be given a bond, than who definitely will be. If the alien has committed a crime of a serious nature and is seen as a flight risk, it is unlikely that they will be granted bond. The more serious the crime, and the greater the flight risk, the higher the bond will be.
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