1. Top Reasons A Person Might Be Denied Bail

    In our court systems today, there are procedures and processes in place that may not always make sense to us. Our justice system is far from perfect and certain decisions might seem unfair or unjust in the light of what the defendant knows to be true about themselves. When a person is denied bail, it can be an incredibly difficult thing to deal with. They’ve been arrested, processed, jailed, and…Read More

  2. Common Bail Bond Collateral

    Collateral Comes in Many Forms   Here at Kocian Bail Bonds, we deal with a lot of questions. For the most part, people don’t know too much about bail bonds until it comes time for them to make use of one. While this is probably a good thing considering a lack of bail bond knowledge most likely means that a person has not had to deal with being arrested in their life, it can be an inconvenie…Read More

  3. Bail Bond Myths Pt. 2

    Don’t Let These Bail Bond Myths Confuse You   Hello, dear reader, and welcome back to our blog! If you have been keeping up with our posts, you are aware of the fact that we are covering some common bail bond myths and why these myths are false. Here at Kocian Bail Bonds, we have made it our mission to help as many people as we can in the greater Waco, Texas area post bond so that they don…Read More

  4. Bail Bond Myths Pt. 1

    Do You Know Bail Bond Fact From Fiction?   Hello there, and welcome back to our blog. Here at Kocian Bail Bonds, we strive to provide the best bondsman services in the greater Waco, Texas area. We understand that mistakes happen and, in our opinion, mistakes should not be something that results in an individual spending time in a jail that is unnecessary. Bonds have, historically, been an adv…Read More

  5. What Happens If You Skip Your Court Date?

    How Bad is Skipping Bail?   Hello, and welcome back to Kocian Bail Bonds’ blog! When it comes to bail bonds in Waco, we have seen pretty much anything that you can think of. While we pass no judgment on why a person may need a bail bond, in our line of work you sometimes run into situations where people decide to take their chances and not show up for their specified court date. This has qu…Read More

  6. More Common Bail Bond Questions

    Do You Know Your Way Around Bonds?   When it comes to bail bonds, the average person probably has quite a few questions. For the most part, people don’t deal with bonds on a day-to-day basis and, as a result, when it comes time to actually make use of a bond, they are woefully underprepared. Here at Kocian Bail Bonds, we want to make sure that everyone understands the bond process as thorou…Read More

  7. Transfer Bonds 101

    What Exactly is a Transfer Bond?     Hello and welcome back to our blog! The world of bonds is, hopefully, something that most people do not have to experience. However, as we all know, sometimes situations occur where a bail bond is needed. While we here at Kocian Bail Bonds are always ready to help our Waco area neighbors with their bail bond needs, we also have no problem helping people a…Read More

  8. Bail Bond Facts

    Bail Bonds Are an Important Part of the Legal System   Here at In-N-Out Bail Bonds, we feel that there is a little too much mystery surrounding the bail bond industry. It seems like the majority of people have a general idea of what a bail bond is, however, the details almost seem like they are purposely shrouded in mystery. In response to this, we are going to spend today’s post going over…Read More

  9. Misdemeanors and Bail Bonds

    Bail Bonds are Commonly Used in Misdemeanor Cases   Here at In-N-Out Bail Bonds, we realize that people sometimes make mistakes. As the saying goes, “we’re only human” and to err is human. To this effect, we want all of our Waco area clients to be knowledgeable about the most common misdemeanors that a bail bond can be used for. Having this knowledge could come in handy if you ever find…Read More

  10. The Bail Bond Process

    Get Out of Jail Quick With a Bail Bond   Although no one wants to think about it, getting arrested can happen to anybody. Although we all try our best to follow the law to the best of our ability, occasionally people make mistakes that result in arrest. Here at In-N-Out Bail Bonds in Waco, Texas, we want you to be prepared in case you ever find yourself, or a loved one, in need of a bail bond…Read More