Here at Kocian Bail Bonds, we value our client’s time, money, and peace of mind. It’s for that reason that we offer 24/7 bail bonds services to the people of Waco so that no one has to spend an extra hour incarcerated. With our professional experience, our amazing customer service, and our unwavering commitment to the community of Waco, we’re helping local families, one bail bond at a time.

We understand that things happen and people can end up getting arrested for all kinds of mistakes, mishaps, and even misunderstandings. Our goal is to work with you to find the best possible outcome for you, your incarcerated loved one, and the other members of your family. To learn more about all of the reasons to work with our Waco bail bondsman, reach out to us at Kocian Bail Bonds today!

In part one of our blog series on what bail bonds are and the process by which you get them, we discussed what a bail bond is, the nature of a bail bondsman, and the value of showing up to a court date. Since bail acts as an insurance policy that the defendant will keep all court dates and provisions of bail, it’s given with the understanding that the defendant will abide by the rules set for them. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at the steps by which a bail bond is agreed upon and paid. Continue reading to learn more about our Waco bail bond services.

The Bail Process

1. An Individual is Arrested – Since the nature of bail is to release an incarcerated person, this is the necessary first step. After their arrest, if they’re permitted bail, the bail amount will be set by a judge. There are all kinds of factors that can affect the amount required for bail. Look here to learn more.

2. Someone Arranges Bail – There are multiple ways that this can happen. Most often, a friend or family member of the incarcerated person will arrange to pay their bail by getting money out of their savings account, taking out a second mortgage on a home, or working with a Waco bail bondsman. Though an individual is able to arrange for their own bail by contacting a local bail bondsman, this can be tough to do and we normally see the family step in to help on this front.

3. Bail is Posted – After bail is paid, the incarcerated individual is able to be released on the provision that they attend all court dates and other requirements of bail. The posted bail can be in the form of a cash bail, surety bond from a Waco bail bondsman, collateral, etc.

If you’d like more information about the process of posting bail or you’d like to speak with one of our Waco bail bond agents, contact us at Kocian. We’re working 24/7 to make sure that your loved one isn’t spending any extra time incarcerated.