What Exactly is a Transfer Bond?  


Hello and welcome back to our blog! The world of bonds is, hopefully, something that most people do not have to experience. However, as we all know, sometimes situations occur where a bail bond is needed. While we here at Kocian Bail Bonds are always ready to help our Waco area neighbors with their bail bond needs, we also have no problem helping people all around the country. In today’s post, we are going to go over a type of bond that occasionally crops up in our business: transfer bonds. These bonds serve an essential service for our clients and we wanted to make sure that all of our readers understand exactly what a transfer bond is. Continue reading below to learn more.


You Might Have the Wrong Idea About Transfer Bonds


Because of its name, the concept of a transfer bond can be a little misleading. While most people might think that a transfer bond is needed when a person in custody needs to be transferred somewhere else, this is not the case. A transfer bond is actually a bail bond written for a person in another jurisdiction to get them out of jail there. In this example, a jurisdiction is an area of authority controlled by another police force. Let’s say that your sister get’s arrested in Dallas, Texas but you live in Houston. She calls you up one night and says that she has been arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. Now, considering Houston and Dallas are rather far from each other, we are pretty sure that you don’t want to have to drive all the way up there just to bail your sister out. Luckily, a transfer bond can come to your rescue. Simply give us a call at Kocian Bail Bonds and we will set up a transfer bond to get your sister out of jail without you ever having to get in your car.


How Does the Transfer Bond Process Work?


Acquiring a transfer bond is actually a relatively simple process. To start the process, first figure out where the person you want to bail out is located. It is essential that the bondsman knows the jail or police station that the person is being detained in and the county in which they are located. After this information has been established, your bondsman will arrange for the transfer bond to be delivered to the facility where the person needing to be bailed out is located. Once the appropriate payments have been made, the person will be released on bail and is free leave the facility that they were being detained in.
If you are in need of transfer bond services, please contact us today at Kocian Bail Bonds. We have helped people all over the great state of Texas be released on bail and we are certain that we can help you with your situation. Contact us today and let us show you how easy the transfer bond process really is.